Cecile Babiole, Laurent Dailleau, Atau Tanaka: S.S.S.: Sensors Sonics Sights

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    S.S.S.: Sensors Sonics Sights

Artist(s) and People Involved:


Artist Statement:

    S.S.S proposes an experience where the main roles are played by sound, image and the intensity of bodies in movement. A three-sided conversation that modulates a sonic and luminous flux. Cecile Babiole: Ultrasounds; Laurent Dailleau: Theremin; Atau Tanaka: BioMuse.

    S.S.S. create a sound/image environment centered around gesture. The performance features three artists onstage: two producing sound and the third manipulating image. These materials, light and sound, are articulated bymovements of the arms and body. Sensor systems are the instruments turning gesture into digital information.

    Each performer has his instrument and occupies his part of the total media sphere: the Theremin, the first gestural electronic music instrument from 1919; the BioMuse, which captures muscle tension data or EMG signals; and ultrasound sensors which translate movements into flowing computer graphics. Together they create an ensemble whose product is a combination of interdependent parts. Image and music are composed together, taking on equal importance. This is not a soundtrack to a video or a VJ putting wallpaper to music — there is not one medium pasted on as an afterthought to the other. Nor is it a simple synaesthesia of one medium reflecting another.

    Babiole, Dailleau and Tanaka are instrumentalists that interpret a unified compositional. concept — one in light and the other in sound. Corporeal gesture brings their worlds together creating a dramatic performative whole. Expressive gesture becomes the channel of interaction between the performers, technology, and media.


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