“Energēia” by Ugo Arsac

  • ©, Ugo Arsac, Energēia
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    May 16 – 21

Artist Statement:

    Ugo Arsac is an ISEA2023 selected artist

    Ugo Arsac will present the “immersive documentary” ENERGĒIA (2022), a project of 3D scans taken in the nuclear power plants of Chinon, Civaux and Iter, allowing us to envisage, in virtual reality, around ecological issues discussed by experts, to discover a reality that is generally hidden from us.

    I try to show things without necessarily imposing my point of view on a subject, but by placing myself so that the public can form their own opinion. I recently had the chance to work with the Chroniques Création production platform to create Energēia. In Urbe (one of my major creations about the underground world [sewers and metro tunnels of Paris, ed.]) and Energēia are two infinite installations, with no time limit. The experience can last anywhere between 2 and 45 minutes, or even longer. Producing works using cutting-edge technologies also allows me to be in contact with many different skills, which I enjoy immensely, in terms of interactive development, sound creation, mapping, etc. Within my team, certain people contribute enormously and are an integral part of the artistic dimension of the project, like Antoine Boucherikha for the sound design, for example. Source: https://www.institutfrancais.com/en/magazine/interview/ugo-arsac-2023-resident-at-the-villa-albertine




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