“Hypercodex.org” by Vidya-Kelie Juganaikloo

  • ©, Vidya-Kelie Juganaikloo, Hypercodex.org



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Artist Statement:

    Exhibition. Forum des Images, May 16 – 21

    With ISEA2023 selected artist Vidya-Kelie Juganaikloo

    The work takes the form of a visual search engine, and is naturally introduced into mobile phones by inviting habitual practice. The hypercodex.org is an invitation to engagement, an action is needed to implant blues cells in a codex of knowledge moving organically in real time.

    It is about feeding the hypercodex.org platform with artists/ philosophers/ politicians/ researchers/ actors who share their resources as well as visitors with their references.

    Hypercodex.org proposes to use lines of code for a collective gesture, to give voice to heterogeneity, and the possibility to inscribe on this map, its url(s) to link them to others.
    No hierarchy, no subscription, just benevolence and sharing.

    This gesture, which today seems completely senseless, is a performance, the artist opens his server without protecting himself; with confidence and generosity.


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  • 2023 Juganaikloo Hypercodex.org
  • 2023 Juganaikloo Hypercodex.org
  • 2023 Juganaikloo Hypercodex.org


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