“Ephemeral Edgespace” by Johannes Birringer, Haein Song, Claudia Robles-Angel

  • ©, Johannes Birringer, Haein Song, and Claudia Robles-Angel, Ephemeral Edgespace


    Ephemeral Edgespace

Artist(s) and People Involved:




    Installation Performance

Artist Statement:

    Ephemeral Edgespace is an installation-performance that opens out to an immersive, ritualized, intimate event, ensounding the participants and including audiovisual, tactile and shamanic (mugu) interfaces that draw on particular concepts of multisensorial choreographic architecture, interactional objects, and luminescence. We understand such choreographic architectures as kinetic atmospheres (“kimospheres”) which are not art installations in the traditional sense but participatory scenarios, often built with fabrics and paper, which emphasize sensorial and affective ritualized engagements between dancers, musicians and audience. Ephemeral Edgespace is not a completed work but will be constructed to emerge in the South African local context of ISEA2018, adapted to the particular place we are given to work in.