“LEIKHĒN: A Hybrid Immersive Audiovisual Space” by Claudia Robles-Angel

  • ©, Claudia Robles-Angel, LEIKHĒN: A Hybrid Immersive Audiovisual Space


    LEIKHĒN: A Hybrid Immersive Audiovisual Space

Artist(s) and People Involved:




    Interactive audiovisual installation

Artist Statement:

    Presentation of the interactive audiovisual installation LEIKHĒN, which combines biomedical signals within an immersive interactive environment. The project is inspired by the composite plant of lichen (from Greek: leikhēn), which is the result of a hybrid partnership between a fungus and an alga. The installation is therefore a reflection upon the interaction and mutualistic relationship between two organisms, and how this union impacts on their behaviours inside a created audiovisual space. The installation was created in the frame of an artist in residence invitation at the Immersive Lab (IL), ICST – Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology, Zurich University of the Arts (ZhdK), Switzerland.


    Supported by the Department of Arts and Humanities, Brunel University London, UK and ICST, Institute for Computer Music and Sound.