Jenn E. Norton: Cucoloris domesticus

  • ©, Jenn E. Norton, Cucoloris domesticus


    Cucoloris domesticus

Artist(s) and People Involved:



    Video installation

Artist Statement:

    Cucolorus domesticus is a video installation. In a darkened room, a potted philodendron sits upon the window sill. Beyond the plant, a bright sky blue background appears to cast rays upon the floor of the gallery space, creating a shadow-silhouette of the philodendron. The shadow seems to be static at first, but as the viewer spends time in the space, they become aware of minute movements in the plant’s shadow. Tendrils curl, and uncurl, as though growing before our eyes. Like the minute-hand of a clock, the movements are subtle. Viewers often look between the shadow and the plant upon the window sill, to catch the movement in both dimensions. The shadow eventually grows leaves and stems that briefly form an A-frame house, before furling up to a shadow that matches the physical plant.




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