“Krachtgever (Invigorator)” by Peter Bosch, Simone Simons

  • ©, Peter Bosch and Simone Simons, Krachtgever (Invigorator)
  • ©, Peter Bosch and Simone Simons, Krachtgever (Invigorator)


    Krachtgever (Invigorator)

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Artist Statement:

    The Krachtgever (Invigorator) consists of twenty-eight wooden boxes. The boxes are joined together with metal springs, both horizontally and vertically. A computer controls seven oscillating motors, which are attached to the boxes. Driven and natural frequencies of this spring-based construction are so attuned to each other that movements and sounds created by the installation can change almost imperceptibly from order into chaos and vice versa. The role of the computer is paradoxical: it can be foresee only partly the physical outcome of its decisions. This work was created with the support of Fonds voor Beeldende kunsten, Vormgeving en Bouwkunst (Amsterdam, Netherlands) and the University of Twente (Enschede, Netherlands); it is presented with the support of the Gaudeamus Foundation, the Mondriaan Foundation (Amsterdam) and ARTEC – Nagoya (Japan).