“Cantan un Huevo, Model II” by Simone Simons, Peter Bosch

  • ©, Simone Simons and Peter Bosch, Cantan un Huevo, Model II


    Cantan un Huevo, Model II

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Artist Statement:

    ‘Cantan un Huevo’ had been around ever since the remarkable recordings we made on the boat from Kiel to Oslo. Imperceptibly the boat had vibrated and caused the bottles of alcohol standing on the shelves in the tax-free shop to rattle, the effect was quite hallucinatory. The vibration was a lovely long, slow wave which caused sound to swell up out of nothing and to fade back in the same way. Over and over again.

    Cantan un Huevo, Model II is made up of nine shaking-tables, built of lots of metal springs. Nine computer-controlled oscillating motors cause them to vibrate. Bottles which are placed on these tables tic against each other. A subtle celebration of sound in which a desire can still be uncovered.



    With the support of the Dutch Embassy.