Lynn Bianchi: Grasshoppers

  • ©, Lynn Bianchi, Grasshoppers



Artist(s) and People Involved:



    Screening/’Media Art’ Piece

Artist Statement:

    Grasshopper is a HD looped video showing a couple leisurely enjoying a late afternoon on the beach. The interpretations of time, the meaning of space are explored the way one might bounce off one reality to the next while thrown into the chaos of alternative dimensions. The fragments of existence were reassembled, displaying incoherent timelines existing within a single digital video. “Time is supposed to be intangible and invisible, yet its signs are clearly visible all around us. We can sense the passage of time when we feel the wind blowing; we can see time flowing through the waves of the ocean, and the passage of time is embodied by our footprints in the sand – tracing the multiple trajectories of our frenetic activities. Like grasshoppers, sometimes we stop and we deceive ourselves with the idea that lying down while enjoying the world is all we should to do in our lives. It’s a peaceful feeling, one of connection with the environment, but also one of disconnection from the struggles hidden within our environment. And then we start moving again, frantically struggling for a missed instant. Like jumping grasshoppers we navigate the world as if it were a hypertext. In this new digital world the classical idea of continuity is abandoned in favor of jumps and deviations from linearity: multiple layers are hidden within the most mundane views, and different timelines intersect each other in unpredictable ways.”