Lynn Bianchi: The Sky, The Man and the Sea

  • ©, Lynn Bianchi, The Sky, The Man and the Sea


    The Sky, The Man and the Sea

Artist(s) and People Involved:



    Screening/’Media Art’ Piece

Artist Statement:

    This large scale work can be presented as a video projection or a multimedia installation composed of a photograph on a plexiglass superimposed onto a digital monitor displaying video with sound. The work incorporates unusual depth and monumental dimensions achieving a particularly emotional effect. “The word emotion comes from the latin emovere, which is historically connected with the idea of movement. An eternal movement that moves the viewer emotionally and conceptually, and that the artist observes and try to preserve with his creation. In the presence of the work, the viewer can connect with a larger emotional landscape that embraces all of us and lives without and within; because we are all part of a larger spectacle.”