Lynn Bianchi: The Waiting Pool

  • ©, Lynn Bianchi, The Waiting Pool


    The Waiting Pool

Artist(s) and People Involved:



    Screening/’Media Art’ Piece

Artist Statement:

    Can media art, now deeply influenced by the diffusion and power of emerging technologies, help us feel again in a deep, spiritual way? Can emerging media arts help us rediscover a long lost sense of connection with nature? Could that be a key factor in the effort of re-balancing our sociopolitical global situation? In the face of planetary-scale computation and digital realities spinning out of control I look for a renewed sense of peace and harmony. People today are losing the ability to focus and contemplate, submerged by a constant flux of signals, images and sounds. Will media art necessarily contribute to this trend or can it help us rediscover ourselves? I’ve always been looking for the extraordinary in the ordinary. I started my career as a fine art photographer, however, in the last five years, my work has been deeply influenced by both emerging technologies and by the new technical and conceptual possibilities offered by them. My latest works are suspended between Henri Cartier-Bresson’s idea that to photograph is to hold one’s breath with all faculties converged in an effort to capture fleeting reality, and the belief that flowing processes that transcend reality cannot be entirely captured by static images. My goal is to capture the natural world, illustrating my motivations and emotions, looking for the precise moment when mastering a composite moving image becomes a great physical and intellectual joy.