Agnes Hegedus, Jeffrey Shaw, Bernd Lintermann: Configuring the Cave

  • ©1997, Agnes Hegedus, Jeffrey Shaw, and Bernd Lintermann, Configuring the Cave


    Configuring the Cave

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Artist Statement:

    conFiguring the CAVE is a computer based interactive video installation that assumes a set of technical and pictorial procedures to identify various paradigmatic conjunctions of body and space, where the human figure is used as a psycho-geographical locus for multiform spatial representations. conFiguring the CAVE was one of the first art works to be created using the CAVE, a unique form of virtual reality environment developed at University of Illinois in the eighties. The work was commissioned in 1997 by the NTT ICC InterCommunication Center in Tokyo, presented here in a new version for two frontal screens.

    Musical Composition: Les Stuck.

    Technical support: Derek Hauffen.

    Motion analysis for music: Jonathan Bachrach.

    Production: ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, Boctok Tokyo & David D’Heilly, Germany.


    With help from Barco, Silicon Graphics France and NTT Intercommunication Center, Tokyo