Michel Jaffrennou: Full of Feathers

  • ©, Michel Jaffrennou, Full of Feathers
  • ©, Michel Jaffrennou, Full of Feathers


    Full of Feathers

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Artist Statement:

    If art wasn’t fun, I wouldn’t play with it

    Since 1980, Le Plein de Plumes (Full of Feathers) has been exhibited at the most diverse places and events in numerous countries as a counterpoint to the kaleidoscope of images that trouble our societies. Le Plein de Plumes is an act that humorously twists the function of the technology of a television set. The four sets and their electronic innards become transparent as a simple, light feather goes down through them one after the other, with just the law of gravity as a scenographer, and the persistence of white on black to give emphasis to the time that is passing. Le Plein de Plumes is shown in the form of a black monolith that is filled with feathers dropped by an enigmatic character. When the four sets are full of feathers, they are emptied. Then a new feather goes down through the screens and the feathers fill up the screens once again.

    Sound : Leigh Landy

    Production : Alain Bray


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