“Sound of the Senses” by Jacques Pupponi

  • ©, Jacques Pupponi, Sound of the Senses
  • ©, Jacques Pupponi, Sound of the Senses
  • ©, Jacques Pupponi, Sound of the Senses


    Sound of the Senses

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Artist Statement:

    • Panoramic crossroad New-York
    • Same crossroad by night with a video of John Coltrane
    • Poem of Victor Hugo
    • Generated Route

    Son des sens (Sound of the senses) is an artistic exercise of sound creation and music composition. An invitation to experience sound-scapes in which the user moves around, by means of advanced 3-D sound techniques, using a spheroid-shaped navigation tool. After sound exploration, the user gets to the core of musical creation itself. Music is generated by processing all parameters of the journey (position, duration, speed.) Having memorized them, the computer transforms them into music by association with sampled sounds.

    The sound is both the cause and the result of this interactive work. It acts by guiding the navigator in a visual environment, and is re-composed by a generator analyzing the journey’s parameters.



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