Tapio Mäkelä


  • Future Lake Centre for Art and MuuMediaBase


  • Research and Design

Job Title:

  • Writer and Researcher



  • ISEA2009:

    A Finnish media artist and researcher, co-founder of M.A.R.I.N. and initiator of the Ecolocated project, currently working on location based media art practices. He has been director of artist association MUU, co-founder of m-cult, and program chair of ISEA2004.



    Tapio Makela is a writer and a researcher of new media, art & culture. He is also a coordinator of MuuMediaBase, an artist run media lab in Helsinki, Finland. The latest pro­jects include a conference on Media and Ethics, media art workshop Polar Circuit, The Net Sauna for Ars Electronica and Net Academy educational program. Together with John Hopkins he is coordi­nating net + art education for Tornio School of Art and Communication. During last year Tapio has presented papers at DEAF in Rotterdam, NL, Crossing Over in Sofia, BG, Digital Dreams in Newcastle, UK, and Wiretap in Rotterdam, NL.


    Tapio Makela is director of MUU, a Helsinki-based artists’ organization for media arts, performance and environmental art and has a B.A. from the University of Turku. He has written essays and given lectures on media arts, is coordinator of a Kaleidoscope project EARNET (European Art Network), and project manager of Breaking Eyes, a Nordic media art exhibition.


    Currently working as a director in Helsinki, Finland, for MUU r.y., an artists’ organization for media arts, video, performance and environmental art. B.A. in cultural history, University of Turku, M.A. in progress. Also a free lance journalist, former editor in chief of Turun ylioppilaslehti, a weekly based in Turku. Co-editor for Virtual Zoneand four other publications. Aim: combining cultural theory with visual arts.

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