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  • Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts, _Director


  • ISEA2015

    Wim van der Plas (NL) studied Social and Cultural Sciences at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. He is co-founder of ISEA and organised the 3 Dutch ISEA symposia. He was for many years head of ISEA HQ and is now a board member of ISEA International.


    Wim van der Plas, Netherlands, is a sociologist interested in the definition of art and a propagandist of the complementarity of art and science. He was co-initiator of the first ISEA symposium (1988) and co-founder of the Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts (1990). He organised the first, second and seventh International Symposia on Electronic Art. He was director, subsequently board member of the Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts and its successor, ISEA International. Wim worked for several Dutch art schools and universities, among others in the fields of computer animation, media technology and the creative industries. Currently he is Treasurer of ISEA International, the coordinating body for the ISEA symposia and archivist for the ISEA Symposium Archives.


    Wim van der Plas, ISEA International foundation, NL


    Managing Director SCAN, National Institute for Computer Animation, Groningen, NL, since 01.01.1988. Co-founder and Managing Director SCCA until 01.01.1988, staff R&D Utrecht School of Arts in 1987, initiating FISEA, Executive director FISEA until move to SCAN; since then Advisor for FISEA.


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  • Rotterdam, Netherlands the

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  • 1988 Overview: Electronic Theatre

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