Melentie Pandilovski

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  • Contemporary Art Center and PHD

Job Title:

  • Director, Assistant Managing Director, and Co-curator


  • ISEA1997

    Born 1963 in Skopje, Macedonia. Assistant Director since 1994 at Soros Center for Contemporary Arts, Skopje, Macedonia. Solo Artistic Projects: 1987: Electronic Arts Solo Exhibition,Youth Cultural Center, Skopje, Macedonia; 1997: Welcome Back to the Empire, Alternate History Internet pro­ject. Member of Jury on International Exhibitions: August, 1995 VideoHart, Sofia, Bulgaria. Lectures at International Symposiums: November, 1995: Current issues in the Electronic Arts, How It All Began in Videoart and Cyberspace Symposium, Sofia, Bulgaria; March, 1996; Interactivity: Simultaneous Two-Mided Motion at the Symposium Interactivity: Fine-Arts Category, Skopje, Macedonia; September, 1996: Electronic Arts in Macedonia at the Media Art in Eastern Europe Symposium, during the NJ East Conference, Dutch Electronic Art Festival, Rotterdam, Holland. Art History Projects: Expressionism in Macedonia, supported by the Research Support Scheme of the Central European University, Prague, Czech Republic, 1993-1995. Curating Group Projects: Co-Curator: Icon on Silver/ikons na srebro, CD ROM project and Second Annual exhibition of the Soros Center for Contemporary Arts, Skopje, Macedonia, March,1996; Curator: Laika the True Story, Within the Frame of Refresh,Web Page Design Project of 20 International Centers, October 1996; Seeing the Sound, Interent project and Sound and Visual installation, by Bogdan Grabuloski and Violeta Blazeska, in the framework of Synthesis, 20th Century Music Festival, Youth Cultural Center, Skopje, Macedonia April 9,1997; SEAFair 97, Skopje Electronic Arts.


Current Location:

  • Skopje, Macedonia, MK

International Programme Committee: