“Artistic Strategies in Generative Art Practices” presented by Pandilovski


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  • Generative Art — Divergent Generative Art Practices

Presentation Title:

  • Artistic Strategies in Generative Art Practices




  • In Husserl’s “Phenomenology of Embodiment,” the body is not an extended physical substance in contrast to a non-extended mind, but a lived center of experience, and both its movement capabilities and its distinctive register of sensations play a key role in his account of how we encounter other embodied agents in the shared space of the life-world. The phenomenological maxim – to the things themselves – as well as the concomitant task to reveal the world, has to be done by observing the forms of media and the life-world of communication. This multi-levelled experience includes the electronic flow of information as wavelengths and physical particles as part of the equation. Thus, Generative Art offers a unique opportunity for the recapturing of the relations between humanity, technology and the environment as we find today that the phenomenological folding of embodied and mediated space into felt space or experienced time represents a multi-nodal structure of space, bodies, time, and otherness simultaneously.
    Generative Art has gone through multiple transformations, referring to noise art, fractals, glitch, robotics etc. It has affected video, the Internet, and every possible technological form. Marshal McLuhan once said, “Each new technology is a reprogramming of sensory life.”

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