“City Made of Software” presented by Todorovic


Session Title:

  • Generative Art — Divergent Generative Art Practices

Presentation Title:

  • City Made of Software




  • Contemporary city is ultimately grounded in and operated by software-supported devices that become skillfully blended within the environment and our everyday lives to such an extent that they are probably more accurately described as ‘second nature’. Cities now operate through the use of mobile networks; sensors that are embedded not
    only in our smartphones, sustaining and encouraging self monitoring, but also present within architecture and street furniture; and, of course, online delivery platforms that
    facilitate information exchange. Software and code, therefore, as a kernel of pretty much every technological device today, augment, supplement and facilitate people in
    their daily tasks and routines to the point, as Thrift and French argue, we may rather speak of automatic production of space. [5] Dodge and Kitchin define this software-mediated spatiality, the one in which code contributes to complex discursive and material practices producing eventually complex spatiality as “code/space.”

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