“Brain-Body Digital Musical Instrument Work-in-Progress” presented by Unknown presenters


Session Title:

  • Interactive – Networked – HCI: Sound (artist talks)

Presentation Title:

  • Brain-Body Digital Musical Instrument Work-in-Progress

Presentation Subtheme:

  • Symbiotic Imaginaries




  • The Brain/Body Digital Musical Instrument (BBDMI) will create a prototype for a digital musical instrument system that uses physiological signals from the human body: from the brain and muscles. The instrument system will be validated in a range of musical settings from concerts to the conservatoire, with a diverse range of musicians. The project brings together an interdisciplinary team of researchers, designers, musicians and engineers that will mutually inform each other through a mixed methods approach. The consortium represents the spectrum of research: from low- level technical development to innovative user-centered design, and the integration of state-of-the art methods integrating neuroscience and musical practice. The project will hold a workshop and concert during the ISEA2023 affiliated conference, the Journées d’Informatique Musicale (JIM) 2023 at the MSH Paris Nord, the week following ISEA, 24 May.

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