“Balance-Unbalance (E-Arts Meets the Actual World)” presented by Farra


Session Title:

  • Hybridisation and Purity (panel)

Presentation Title:

  • Balance-Unbalance (E-Arts Meets the Actual World)



  • Environmental problems, economic uncertainty and political complexity have been around for a long time. What was different before was the speed and depth of transformations compared with today’s sudden changes. The frequent occurrence and severity that certain weather and climate-related events are having around us is increasing, and the ability of human beings on modifying the environment have turn into a power capable of altering the planet. How can the electronic art play a role in helping to revert the current mass destructive tendency? Can we artists make a difference, participating with our electronic art of multi- inter- or trans- disciplinary teams, in finding solutions to complex problems such as climate change? Aiming to use electronic art as a catalyst with the intent of engendering a deeper awareness and creating lasting intellectual working partnerships in solving our global environmental crisis, some initiatives (e.g. Balance-Unbalance) are in development and will be discussed during the proposed panel.

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