Tobias Klein


  • City University Hong Kong and School of Creative Media



  • Tobias Klein works in the fields of Architecture, Art, Design and interactive Media Installation. His body of work generates a syncretism of contemporary CAD/CAM technologies with site and culturally specific design narratives, intuitive non-linear design processes, and historical cultural references. Works are crossing disciplines from sculpture, media art, installations and architecture ranging from crowd-sourced phenomena such as the work ‘virtual sunset’, the artificial environmental reactive growth of crystals in 3D printed substrates and his work on the translation of craftsmanship in the digital context through re-articulation of cultural archetypical objects within digital embodied environments generated by the use of medical datasets from Magnetic Resonance Imaging. All bear testament to the role of architecture today as more than designer, but cultural agitator and the creator-craftsman between automatic mechanization and poetic creation


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