“Towards an Inventory of Best Practices for Transdisciplinary Collaboration” presented by Malina, Mejía and Roldán


Session Title:

  • Training Methods for Transdisciplinary Collaboration Panel

Presentation Title:

  • Towards an Inventory of Best Practices for Transdisciplinary Collaboration




  • Keywords: Best Practices, Transdisciplinary Collaboration, Art and Science

    Transdisciplinary, as opposed to inter or multidisciplinary, practices are increasing in many areas in industry, government, academia and civil society. The benefits of such practices have been proven in areas such as health, engineering, or business. However, in wide collaborations, collaboration bridges diverse fields such as art and design, humanities, science, technology, and medicine; these pose specific challenges. Institutional contexts bridge those of self-employed practitioners, to profit and nonprofit sectors both in civil society and government; training practices are less clear and specific difficulties can be anticipated. In this paper, we review some best practices and didactics for teamwork collecting relevant sources from different fields. Our conclusion is that it is possible, and necessary, to train individuals and teams for transdisciplinary collaboration practices. Depending on the field of application some approaches are shared, but also different approaches will be required. The authors recommend new research and development adapted to particular transdisciplinary fields such as STEM to STEAM.

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