“Valuably Unsought: Systems for Digital Serendipity” presented by Melo and Carvalhais


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  • Design, Art, Science and Technology

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  • Valuably Unsought: Systems for Digital Serendipity




  • Keywords: Serendipity, Digital, Information, Experience, Collaboration, Creativity, X.

    Contemporary interaction with media is mediated through a plethora of digital systems, conditioning said interaction to the experiences that these systems anticipate and limiting the potential of the medium for surprise and serendipity. Through a literature-review and system analysis, we assert the value of serendipity in our digital interactions, arguing the necessity of a distinction between Natural and Artificial Serendipity, while establishing key areas of action of serendipitous systems: Information Encountering, Experience, Collaboration, Creativity and X. We identify specific systems within each of these key areas, as well as their methods and mechanics for achieving Artificial Serendipity in the Digital Medium.

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