“Artistic Brain: A Complex Nonlinear System as Advanced Neuroesthetic Research” presented by Shin and Yoon


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  • Design, Art, Science and Technology

Presentation Title:

  • Artistic Brain: A Complex Nonlinear System as Advanced Neuroesthetic Research




  • Keywords: Neuroesthetics, Specialized Linear System, functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI), Brainwave Art, Brainwave Sonification, Complex Nonlinear System, Encephalography (EEG)

    This paper explores brain systems that neuroesthetics and brain-wave art have experimented, in order to consider a complex non-linear system of a brain in terms of art, science and technology. Semir Zeki created a field of neuroesthetics by trying to study the relationship between art, aesthetics and brain through fMRI technology. Since then, neuroesthetics has attracted the attentions of cognitive neuroscientists and elicited the vigorous discussions of aestheticians and artists. Nevertheless, recently neuroesthetics confronts lots of criticisms and skepticisms. It is involved in a problem that regards a brain of the most complex structure as a functionally specialized linear system. In contrast, artworks that use brainwaves view a brain as a nonlinear system rather than a linear system. In particular, brainwave sonification experiments a brain as a complex nonlinear system, focusing on sound generated from neural impulses caused by the complex interactions of neurons in a brain. Interestingly, EEG and auditory feedback are appropriate elements for exploring a complex nonlinear system of a brain.

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