ISEA2008 Art Event Overview

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    • Cloudland: Digital Art from Aotearoa (New Zealand)

    • Cloudland is a glimpse of the diverse terrain of electronic art-making in Aotearoa, New Zealand (located across two islands at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean) where the electronic arts scene is rooted in experimentations with film and sound, and uncertain connections across oceans and ether. Each of the artworks in the exhibition imagines and interpolates place. Error and mutability creep in, relations shift and reform. The spooky infrastructural magic of electricity flows, animating mist and dancing particles, drawing real conversations from artificial mouths and stories from artworks both lumpen and ethereal.

      Cloudland is curated for ADA, the Aotearoa Digital Arts network, a gathering point for artists in or from Aotearoa working with digital media and technology which was formed in 2003.

      Organised by: Aotearoa Digital Arts in collaboration with Creative New Zealand, The Len Lye Foundation, Starkwhite  Gallery, Auckland Art Gallery, Otago Polytechnic, Asia N, AUT University, Auckland University, Canterbury University [Read more]

    • Experimenta Play++

    • Experimenta Play++ Presented as part of ISEA2008. The opening was held at Sculpture Square at the fringe of an archaic Chinese traditional building.

      Experienta Play++ is an exhibition of recent Australian media art works that respond to the gallery visitor through playful and innovative interfaces involving touch, movement, sound, shadow, and pressure.

      The five exemplary recent Australian media artworks are curated around the theme of “Ludic” or playful interfaces. They showcase a number of ingenious ways that the artists involve the gallery visitor in the artwork. Touch, movement, sound, shadow, and pressure are used in innovative ways to trigger responses in the works, to generate narrative within fictional worlds and create sonic compositions. [Read more]

    • Relocations

    • Venue: Gallery of the School of Accountancy of Singapore Management University

      The two Malaysian artists who are the focus of Relocations, have been creating electronic art since the 1990’s, endeavouring to locate emerging new media technologies within national art practice, before moving onto global platforms. The exhibition includes single channel video, web based works and installations which unpick and reconstruct the relationship between art, culture and technology. Relocations critically places these artists within the context of contemporary new media where the redefining and repositioning of ideas and concepts is an ongoing and constant process.

      Embracing technologies in the service of Aesthetic Just as the International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA) 2008 passed off quietly after 10 days of conferences, workshops, exhibitions and other collateral events started since 23rd July, “Relocations” – the media art exhibition in the theme of Locating Media among many other themes ended on 3rd August below the radar of many people. This world’s premier media arts event for the critical discussion and showcase of creative pro... [Read more]

    • Lucid Fields

    • Media Artworks by Swiss Artists-in-Labs An exhibition of media art works selected from the Swiss Artists-In-Labs residency programme funded by the Ministry of Culture in Switzerland. Seven media artists re-interpret and question research about Artificial Intelligence, engineering, environmental science, human disease and biotechnology. Lucid Fields is about the hidden and factual fields: a ‘reality jam’ that exists in science today between ‘truths’ rather than between fictions.

      See also: Irène Hediger & Jill Scott — Artistsinlabs: Reality Jamming between Lucid Fields of Practice [Read more]

    In Conjunction Art Exhibits: