“ISEA Symposium Archives: Update and Innovative Next Steps” presented by Mitchell, Plas and Asmuth


Presentation Title:

  • ISEA Symposium Archives: Update and Innovative Next Steps




  • Because ISEA is a nomadic symposium, organised in a different part of the world and by a different team each time it is held, archiving the symposium materials poses unique challenges. During the past 10 years, an effort has been undertaken to systematically gather all materials produced by the series of symposia, from 1988 to 2017, from Calls for Participation to final Proceedings, from Utrecht to Manizales. With this material, we have produced a rich repository of creative and scholarly research with over 8000 abstracts and artist statements, hundreds of full papers and a large number of full proceedings and catalogues. This valuable electronic and emergent art resource will be enhanced with artworks and other artifacts in the future. We have a volunteer team extending this archive and developing an innovative connection between the organisational structure of the symposium and the archive. This initiative offers possibilities of customizable and automated information dissemination and more interaction between the physical symposium and the world-wide electronic arts community. This presentation will discuss the current state of the ISEA archive and plans for an innovative integrated information system. Audience suggestions and involvement is encouraged. The current state of the ISEA Symposium Archives can be found at isea-archives.org and https://isea-archive.siggraph.org.