“Discover the Painting in Castiglione’s Drawing” by Sarah Kenderdine, Jeffrey Shaw

  • ©, Sarah Kenderdine and Jeffrey Shaw, Discover the Painting in Castiglione's Drawing


    Discover the Painting in Castiglione's Drawing





Artist Statement:

    Original work of art: One Hundred Horses (The National Palace Museum Collection) Preparatory Drawing for One Hundred Horses (Lent by The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Purchase, Friends of Asian Art Gifts, 1991.134)

    This interactive augmented-reality installation gives the viewer the opportunity to directly compare Castiglione’s preparatory drawing of “One Hundred Horses” with his final painting. The sketch is exhibited as a full-size printed facsimile, and the viewer holds a tablet in front of it to reveal the superimposed painted scroll. Wherever the tablet is positioned by the viewer, the portion of the painted scroll seen on its screen will be exactly aligned with the printed drawing behind it.