“In_Side View” by Jeffrey Shaw, Sarah Kenderdine

  • ©, Jeffrey Shaw and Sarah Kenderdine, In_Side View
  • Photo from jeffreyshawcompendium.com


    In_Side View

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Artist Statement:

    IN_SIDE VIEW is an installation whereby the viewer, seated in a chair, is able to explore a series of stereoscopic panoramic photos using a Samsung Gear VR head mounted display. Turning the chair rotates these panoramic scenes, which offer a conjunction of photos of Angkor Wat showing foliage amalgamated with stone, and of the interior of a Sydney hardware store after it had been ravaged by fire. The viewer controls these changes of scene using a tongue-operated switch that is held in their mouth.

    In IN_SIDE VIEW senses are senselessly conjoined, the world put back together, in side out in the circle of confusion, amongst trees / stone scaled / snake roots // eyed / tongue in cheek / switchback // past / future / present // cable / tie // wrap / around // heady / giddy / techy / tacky / vroom // memory / aromatic / terror // ruination / fervid bedlam. The wherewith-all in_side a pataphysical allegory for the multi-sensory encounter between the body and the perceptual imaginary, between nature, manufacture and ataxia.

    Software: Leith Chan
    Production: ALiVE/ACIM, School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong
    Photography: Volker Kuchelmeister, Jeffrey Shaw

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