“Spectral Flowers” by Jeffrey Shaw

  • ©, Jeffrey Shaw, Spectral Flowers
  • Photo from theme.npm.edu.tw


    Spectral Flowers

Artist(s) and People Involved:



Artist Statement:

    Original works of art: Gathering of Auspicious Signs, Vase of Flowers

    This interactive augmented reality installation re-creates Castiglione’s painted flowers as spectral 3D objects. On the screen of a hand held tablet, the flowers in vases appear like holograms standing on top of two designated plinths. On each plinth there is a circular printed image – a detail of the flowers – that is used by the tablet as a positional reference so the visitor can walk around the plinth and view the virtual vase of flowers from any angle. The exhibition visitor may also purchase these flower prints, and then, after downloading the ‘Castiglione’s Virtual Flowers’ app onto their mobile device, they can place and view this augmented reality artwork anywhere they wish.