“Everyone can paint “One Hundred Horses”” by Jeffrey Shaw

  • ©, Jeffrey Shaw, Everyone can paint
  • Photo from theme.npm.edu.tw


    Everyone can paint "One Hundred Horses"

Artist(s) and People Involved:



Artist Statement:

    Original work of art: One Hundred Horses by Giuseppe Castiglione

    Castiglione’s “One Hundred Horses” is presented on four large video screens. In front of each screen there is a plinth with a touch screen on which visitors can draw with a digital paintbrush. The horses in the Castiglione painted scroll are initially mostly all white; the visitor can choose any one from the group they are looking at, bring that horse onto their touch screen, and then use the digital paint-brush to color it in. Once finished, the personally colored horse can be sent back into the painting where it will remain for a while before turning white again. As a consequence, the one hundred horses are continuously being repainted during the exhibition by its visitors, who are given the opportunity by this installation to add their creativity to that of Giuseppe Castiglione’s.