ISEA2011 Art Event Overview

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  • Art Exhibition - Uncontainable:

    Other ISEA2011 Art Exhibitions:

    • Kasa Gallery — Not There

    • The art exhibit Not There presents works that are not physically in the gallery but are visible through mobile phones and do not physically exist in real spaces, but appear virtually in a variety of locations: the Giardini of the Venice Biennial, Piazza San Marco, the Samek Art Gallery and Kasa Gallery in Istanbul. [Read more]
      • Works include:

      Çemberlitas Hamam — Southern Ocean Studies

    • The Southern Ocean Studies seeks to develop a sensibility to the dynamics of ecological complexity as pattern and felt experience rather than quantity and measure whilst respecting the underlying science. Tom Corby presents on the cupola of the Çemberlitas Hamam The Southern Ocean Studies (with Baily and Mackenzie) a series of installation artworks that employ and comment on climate models of the Circumpolar Tide. The projection will adorn the cupola of the Çemberlitas Hamam built by the Architect Sinan in 1584. Lanfranco Aceti, ISEA2011 Istanbul Artistic Director and Conference Chair i... [Read more]

    • Building Food Lab & Apparel — Sensual Technologies

    • Location: Building Food Lab & Apparel, Serder-i Ekrem Caddesi 27, Istanbul. An exhibition  exploring the relationship between the body and sensual/sensing technologies through performance and dynamic garments. The installation will offer an interrogation of practices that are indebted to the innovative exchange between the sensual, visceral and new technologies. [Read more]

    • Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb (Croatia) — Dislocations

    • Re-interpretations, mis-interpretations and unrelated contexts create new modalities of perception and understanding, leading to the rediscovery of the self and human commonalities beyond local realities and globalized stereotypes. Dislocations presents artworks that are inspired by or reference acts of war and the dislocated realities that we live in.

      ISEA2011 Istanbul and the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, Croatia, present DISLOCATIONS, an art program of recontextualizations and transmediations, which sees the participation of Songül Boyraz, David Cotterrell, Charles Csu... [Read more]

    • The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb (Croatia) — Geometries of the Sublime

    • ISEA2011 Istanbul and the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb present GEOMETRIES OF THE SUBLIME. This is an art program that focuses on the world pioneers of contemporary geometric and digital arts. The program sees the participation of Charles Csuri, Roman Verostko, Paul Brown, and Manfred Mohr. The event is in collaboration with Kasa Gallery, Istanbul. Geometries of the Sublime artists have characterized the second half of the 20th century and experimented with digital technology, art and science – searching through chaos for perfect forms and the sublime. [Read more]

    Concerts and Performances: