ISEA2010 Art Event Overview

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  • Art Exhibition:

    Trust Exhibition:

    • We are glad to host the exhibition TRUST in the spaces of HartwareMedienKunstVerein (HMKV... [Read more]

    • Trust in Rugged Terrain

      • The exhibition TRUST presents works from fourteen artists and artist groups that focus on... [Read more]

    E-Culture Fair:

      • Description: E-Culture Fair Day 3
    • The E-Culture Fair 2010 will be showcasing innovative projects in the fields of media art, creative industry, research and education. It is the first step of an envisaged long-term co-operation betw... [Read more]
    • Virtueel Platform – Projects from the Netherlands

        • Description: E-Culture Fair Day 3
      • The Dutch contributions to the E-Culture Fair 2010 offer a varied collection of ways in which digital culture plays out in the real world. Together they demonstrate that e-culture does not only h... [Read more]

      BAM – Projects from Flanders


      • The Flemish participants in the E-Culture Fair 2010 present research projects, tools, methods, applications and installations at the intersection of culture and new media technology. These crosso... [Read more]

      Medienwerk – Projects from North Rhine-Westphalia

      • The contributions to the E-Culture Fair 2010 from North Rhine-Westphalia are characterised by a broad range of themes and approaches: the spectrum of showcased works ranges from artistic reflecti... [Read more]

      ECF 2010 & ISEA2010 RUHR – Electronic Beats

      • E-Culture Fair 2010 Closing Party Bringing the E-Culture Fair 2010 to a close, large interactive video projections controlled by visitors can be seen in the sizeable audiovisual outdoor ... [Read more]


    • Audiovisual Pilots

      • Ei Wada presents his performance “Braun Tube Jazz Band” at the beginning of the club night.

        1. i8u  (qc/ca) i8u’s audio art can be qualified as soundsculpture. It reveals p... [Read more]

      Delicate Folk

      • At the beginning of the club night participants of the “Experimental Electronics” workshop present their results in a short performance. Ei Wada presents his performance “Braun Tube Jazz ... [Read more]


    Concerts and Sound Events:

    General Events: