ISEA2010 Art Event Overview

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  • Art Exhibition:

    Trust Exhibition:

    • We are glad to host the exhibition TRUST in the spaces of HartwareMedienKunstVerein (HMKV) at Dortmunder U as the pre-opening event of ISEA 2010 RUHR.

      The exhibition contains works by fourteen international artists and deals with the trust that we put in people, in media and in machines–out of a desire for security, for entertainment, or for comfort.

      TRUST is made possible by the generous support of the Kunststiftung NRW, the Art Foundation of North Rhine Westphalia. We ... [Read more]

    • Trust in Rugged Terrain

    • The exhibition TRUST presents works from fourteen artists and artist groups that focus on different aspects of trust. The works make it possible to grapple with the contemporary meaning of trust and to explore its boundaries.

      We distinguish between different forms of trust such as personal trust (in other people), system trust (in institutions and technical systems) and media trust (in images, media and presentation techniques). Communication and social action are unthinkable wi... [Read more]

    E-Culture Fair:

      • E-Culture Fair Day 3
    • The E-Culture Fair 2010 will be showcasing innovative projects in the fields of media art, creative industry, research and education. It is the first step of an envisaged long-term co-operation between three partners: Virtueel Platform of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, BAM – Flemish Institute for visual, audiovisual and media art of Ghent, Flanders, and of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, in affiliation with ecce – european centre for creative economy, organised by Hartware MedienKunstVerein. In line with previous events held regularly since 2000 in the Netherlands, the E-... [Read more]

    • Virtueel Platform – Projects from the Netherlands

    • The Dutch contributions to the E-Culture Fair 2010 offer a varied collection of ways in which digital culture plays out in the real world. Together they demonstrate that e-culture does not only happen in digital on-screen spaces, but has intimately woven itself into many of the ways we do things in our work and the rest of our lives. A few examples: “UPLabs” (Urban Park Laboratory) explores the near future of the public park by inserting public entry digital services into the Westerpark of Amsterdam. “CityShapes” allows people to build life-size toy castles with huge (virtual) build... [Read more]

    • BAM – Projects from Flanders


    • The Flemish participants in the E-Culture Fair 2010 present research projects, tools, methods, applications and installations at the intersection of culture and new media technology. These crossover projects originate from quite different backgrounds, domains and disciplines such as cultural heritage and ways to categorize cultural and leisure information (“Cultuurlab”),  generative art applications (“Nodebox”, “City in a Bottle”), interactive cinematic narratives and digital distribution (“Where is Gary?”), education and elearning (“Fundels”), artistic reflections on... [Read more]

      • Works include:

      Medienwerk – Projects from North Rhine-Westphalia

    • The contributions to the E-Culture Fair 2010 from North Rhine-Westphalia are characterised by a broad range of themes and approaches: the spectrum of showcased works ranges from artistic reflection (“The Moon Goose Experiment”) and possibilities for archiving and communicating media art (“ & Medienfluss”) to artistic applications (“CubeBrowser”) and cultural criticism (“BigBrotherAwards”). A topic that is approached by three projects in varying fashions is participation: With interesting techniques pertaining to urban renewal and environmental sustainab... [Read more]

      • Works include:

      ECF 2010 & ISEA2010 RUHR – Electronic Beats

    • E-Culture Fair 2010 Closing Party Bringing the E-Culture Fair 2010 to a close, large interactive video projections controlled by visitors can be seen in the sizeable audiovisual outdoor installation of MediaLAB (Hogeschool van Amsterdam, NL) on the facade of the office building, next to the Dortmunder U. MediaLAB’s “U-Turm Project” was developed in collaboration with video artist Matthias Oostrik, Beam Systems, and Virtueel Platform. It combines interactive, large-scale projections with music and video art. The silhouettes of every visitor stepping onto one of the four... [Read more]


    • Audiovisual Pilots

    • Ei Wada presents his performance “Braun Tube Jazz Band” at the beginning of the club night.

      1. i8u  (qc/ca) i8u’s audio art can be qualified as soundsculpture. It reveals powerful, opaque and complex sound environments where analogue and digital meet. She performs a set with humming drones enhanced by virtually inaudible acute frequencies.
      2. Halldór Úlfarsson (is) — Eyes are Speaking Eyes are Speaking A pair of light-sensitive glasses and light bulbs mounted on microphone stands are features of this performance. The tinted lenses react to the bright... [Read more]
        • Works include:

        Delicate Folk

      3. At the beginning of the club night participants of the “Experimental Electronics” workshop present their results in a short performance. Ei Wada presents his performance “Braun Tube Jazz Band” at the beginning of the club night.

        1. döbereiner & morimoto (de/nl/jp) These artists experiment with sound synthesis methods whose sonic possibilities are explored in an audiovisual live setting. The resulting sonorities are roughtextured microstructures  visualised in wavelike forms.
        2. Infinite Livez (gb) — Solo live performance Infinite Livez perfo... [Read more]


    Concerts and Sound Events:

    Public Events: