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  • ISEA Art Exhibitions:


      In the logic of hybridization, of bridges built between the physical and virtual worlds, one of the major strategic axes of ISEA2023, we wished to carry out an indepth reflection on the notion of catalogue, to try to give it life.

      Thanks to the financial support of MAIF, and with the help of the Bright agency, we created this virtual and social space, which should be considered as “augmented catalogue”. We distributed doors around a central agora, leading to nearly 80 white cubes. There we gathered the media (texts, visuals, videos, links…) that would best document the works of each artist selected for ISEA2023. Obviously, the choice was left to the artists to participate or not in this catalogue, as well as to the media selected.

      This dissemination space is designed to be event-based and social. Avatars can exchange, and events (conferences, debates, guided tours…) are organized throughout the symposium, and after, allowing to establish new types of relationships around the artists’ projects, phygital and beyond geographies and time zones.

      This facilitated dissemination is an asset for making ... [Read more]

    • ISEA2023 Exhibition - Forum des images

    • Exhibition. Forum des Images, May 16 – 21

      At the Forum des images, throughout the Symposium, a thematic display will propose, with different partners, different points of view on the idea of Symbiosis, as will be the case with works by Quebec artists from the partnership with CALQ and elektra, as well as the partnership with artport, from the Whitney Museum of American Art. But works from the ISEA2023 selection will also be exhibited, created by Vidya Kelie, Ugo Arsac, the deeptech studio mentalista, Sunjeong Hwang or

      For ISEA2023, Vidya-Kelie Juganaikloo is reactivating the website Ugo Arsac, for his part, will present the “immersive documentary” ENERGĒIA (2022). Mentalista will present its latest project, Mental Garden (2022). Also in the idea of inter-region communication, the Tanhamnu Warp Drive project by Sunjeong Hwang

      Created in 1988 to compile an audiovisual memory bank of Paris, the Forum des images has since celebrated cinema and moving pictures of all kinds. [Read more]

    • ISEA2023 Closing Event and Exhibition - La Station - Gare des Mines

    • Concert/Sound Event, La Station – Gare des Mines, May 21

      As part of the closing evening of the ISEA2023 Symposium week, La Station – Gare des Mines is offering a programme of sound installations and spatialized concerts. [Read more]

    • Art and/or Game: Symbiosis or Dissonance - Centre Culturel Canadien - ISEA Artists

    • Exhibition. Centre Culturel Canadien, May 16 – 20

      Art and/or Game: Symbiosis or Dissonance? is an exhibition that looks at some current practices in the very vibrant area where experimental games meet related art practices. Experimental games seek to resist the hegemony of the huge international digital games industry by presenting a profusion of local, personal and community-based alternatives that stretch the game form expressively and critically.

      The exhibition brings together a selection of artists and game designers from Canada and France with very different approaches to this interstitial space. The works range from the explicitly political and activist to those with more implicit and poetic integration of social critique, from the very figurative to the abstract, and from more traditional screen game formats to ones with physical interfaces of different types.

      The game-work by the collective is part of ISEA’s official programming. This project is funded by the European MASC-RISE programme under grant agreement n°101007915.

      Visitors are invited to play on site with all the games presented in the exhibit... [Read more]

    • Art and/or Game: Symbiosis or Dissonance - Centre Culturel Canadien - Other Artists

      Arts numériques Fest & Nuit Blanche - Théâtre-Sénart

    • Exhibition. Théâtre-Sénart, May 2 – June 3

      In the framework of ISEA2023, Siana presents in collaboration with the Théâtre de Sénart, for the Arts numériques Fest festival from 2 to 20 May 2023, a series of artistic works by Dylan Cote and Pierre Lafanéchère, Earthsatz and Framed Earth. These creations will also be presented in the city centre of Evry-Courcouronnes for the Nuit Blanche on 3 June 2023.

      The world told by Google Earth intrigues us… The imperfections of its forms, the defects of its textures, its suspended time, constitute the attributes of a universe that is more akin to algorithmic fiction than to our tangible reality. The video installation Earthsatz seeks to amplify the cold and anguished poetry generated by this “pocket world” where life is non-existent, where pixels have replaced particles. The challenge is to contemplate it for what it is: a fictional universe that mimics our own while developing its own autonomy. Earthsatz proposes a stroll through this altered world whose fictional, artificial and irrational aspects are celebrated.

      In dialogue, the photographic landscapes of Framed Earth, immersed in t... [Read more]

    • Ataraxie - Le Cube Garges

      Blaise Pascal et les jardins - Chapelle de l’Oratoire

      Common Datum - Goethe-Institut Paris

      Creative Engineers - Cité des sciences et de l’industrie

    • “Un ingénieur un projet” is a mediation system allowing the public of the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie to meet engineers, to discover their know-how and the scope of engineering sciences. In this context, the theme of “creative engineers” proposed on 20 and 21 May 2023, will show how creativity feeds the work of engineers and how the engineering sciences help in the design of works.

      The public will also be able to discover the place of aesthetic design in industrial manufacturing processes. Ingenious installations accompanied by interventions and explanations by engineers/artists or designers and artists or designers/engineers will be offered to the public.

      Critical Climate Machine
      May 20 and May 21, 2023 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the forum on level 1 of the exhibitions: Presentation of the “Machine-Climat” by Gaëtan Robillard

      Critical Climate Machine is part of the MediaFutures project and has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 framework program for research and innovation.

      IMAC student projects – Engineering school combining art and science

      Swarm... [Read more]

    • Fusion of Possibilities - Topographie de l’Art - ISEA Artists

    • Fusion of the Possible, Topographie de l’art, April 15 – June 15

      Yesterday’s possibilities are today’s realities that we are constantly merging to make them even better. Over the last sixty years, many artists with a strong affinity for technology of their time have anticipated our environments or uses with their creations. It is often by hacking innovations that they innovate in turn when their multiple practices come together as their techniques agglomerate.

      From the scientific laboratory to the artist’s studio, everything happens at the junction of the material and the immaterial, as well as that of intelligence and data, without forgetting the realities that are brought together by considering them extended.

      There is no longer an autonomous field of research, isolated from the others. In an age when the notion of artistic tendency is no longer operative, the exhibition The Fusion of Possibilities, with artworks from converging practices, aims to be the expression of the symbiosis of ideas as well as of forms. [Read more]

    • Fusion of Possibilities - Topographie de l’Art - Other Artists

      Hacnum Selection

    • Exhibition. various locations, May 16 – 21

      Hacnum represents nearly 400 French actors and artists in the field of hybrid and digital arts and is committed to promoting innovative artistic projects that use new digital technologies while respecting the plurality of the forms, writings and themes addressed. It is in this spirit that, for ISEA2023, we have selected works that are relevant to the theme by considering all the meanings that the term symbiosis can embrace, but also the use of the most appropriate and diverse tools. [Read more]
      • Additional Information:

        Members of the HACNUMxISEA2023 Selection Co-Curation Commitee

        Juliette Bibasse – commissaire indépendante
        Magali Revest – artiste
        Dominique Moulon – critique d’art et curateur indépendant
        Pierre Scheffler – ARCAN
        Morgiane Laïb et Raphaël Jourjon – Festival Pléiades/Ville de Saint-Etienne
        Stéphane Le Garff – Festival OFNI
        Luc Brou – Oblique/s
        Erik Lorré – Fées d’Hiver
        Clément Thibault – Le Cube Garges
        Natacha Duviquet – SIANA
        Julie Miguirditchian – Plateforme MAS – Musique Audio Sons
        Diego Jarak – Festival ZERO1
        Cyrielle Tissandier – AADN
        Ikbal Ben Khalfallah – Festival Safra’Numériques
        Gabriel Soucheyre – VIDEOFORMES
        Marianne Lebon – Les Hangars Numériques

      In the Gap - Galerie Michel Journiac

      ISEA2023 at Tetris!

    • Exhibition. Le Tétris, Le Havre,  June 14 – 24

      Tetris Espace Expo

      The two projects exhibited at Tétris explore, each in their own way, the evolution of our ecosystems and our relationship with them. Tobia by David Porta, gives life to new man-machine interactions, between organic and inorganic matter, while the mobile application Yanto by Iris Qu Xiaoyu, Marc Lee and Shervin Saremi, proposes an immersive journey in the ocean to meet a marine fauna, eaten away by the acidification of the oceans. [Read more]
      • Additional Information:

        Organized by: Papa’s Production

      ISEA2023 Diffusion: Revolution V52 - Digitale Zone & L'unique - Musée Dehors

    • Exhibition. Digitale Zone, Marseille and Musée Dehors, Caen, June 15 – Sep 15 

      During the summer of 2023, we will be hosting two ISEA2023 selected artists. The exhibitions will be displayed in two 24-hour screen windows in Caen and Marseille. Open to the street, these two windows constitute a research tool on the diffusion of dematerialized works. Their orientation on the public space allows the greatest number of people to become familiar with contemporary creation.

      Through an intriguing mise en abyme effect, the works and artists of the virtual globe appear in the public space. The two selected works on display for this summer exhibition period are Synthetic Landscapes by Varvara & Mar (15 June to 31 July) and Face of Universe by Tatsuru Arai (1 August to 15 September). [Read more]

    • Khépri, sortir au jour - Abbaye de Maubuisson

      Lab ISEA - Palais augmenté

    • Exhibition. Grand Palais Ephémère, June 23 – 25

      For its Lab on the Palais Augmenté, ISEA2023 and Le Cube Garges put forward the theme of Symbiosis. This Lab will allow to discover in virtual reality the augmented catalog of ISEA, a space of sociability and exhibition allowing to discover the work of more than 80 international digital artists selected for ISEA2023.

      ISEA2023 will feature three installations from its program: Trash Dwellers by Sam Twidale & Marija Avramovic, a 2D printed sculpture enhanced by augmented reality by Damara Ingles, and the ISEA Augmented Catalogue in virtual reality. [Read more]

    • Nobody Sees Us: Rewiring Our Communication Systems Exhibition - IESA Arts and Culture School Gallery

    • Exhibition. ISEA2023 selected artworks. IESA Arts and Culture School Gallery, May 23 -30 

      The exhibition, Nobody Sees Us: Rewiring Our Communication Systems explores the hidden structures of communication networks and the ways in which they can be rebuilt, reconstructed, and reshaped through the digital medium. This exhibition is titled after Sylvia Plath’s poem Mushrooms. Textiles link nature to the digital world, and computers expose hidden internet structures. Through these works by artists Kate Geck, and Mark Farid, we can see things that have become visible, to imagine and reimagine communication in new ways. The exhibition juxtaposes physical and virtual worlds, exploring the similarities in the structures of nature and culture, and the trinity of waves, frequencies, and physics. The exhibition invites us to explore our complex networks and rethink the ways in which we communicate with each other.

      Nobody Sees Us: Rewiring Our Communication Systems” explores the hidden structures of communication networks and the ways in which they can be rebuilt, reconstructed, and reshaped through the digital medium.

      This exhibition is... [Read more]

    • Nuit Blanche 2023 - Point Éphémère 

    • Exhibition. ISEA2023 selected artwork, Point Éphémère, Nuit Blanche 2023, June 3

      For the Nuit Blanche 2023, Point Éphémère presents the installations of three selected artists of ISEA2023, the 28th International Symposium on Electronic Art

      Dasha Ilina, Yoon Chung Han and Anne Marie Maes are three artists from diverse backgrounds. If their practices vary, they have in common to reflect on issues of technology, biology and science. Their three installations will be exhibited during an artistic course in the place. [Read more]

    • Outland Exhibition - Plateforme

    • Exhibition April 7-23, Plateforme Paris

      The second opus of the Outland exhibition brings together, in the framework of ISEA2023, the work of Marija Avramovic & Sam Twidale, Golnaz Behrouznia and Sandrine Deumier. Focusing on the hybridization Real/Fiction, Nature/Synthetic, Humans/Avatars, Outland defines an introspective journey on new realities intrinsically linked to scientific neologisms. Micro-worlds, synesthesias and techno-biologisms attempt to create new forms between the artificiality of digital imaginaries and the limited reality of the living and ecosystems.

      Mineral, vegetal, abstract, living, artificial forms merge, communicate in an attempt to create a new impossible genesis. Falsified, modified, printed, nature becomes pure allegory or past memory, loses its original meaning and becomes an artefact. A decontextualised element.

      Outland’s works participate in the loss of reference points of what could be defined as the memory of a harmonious time. They are the memorial alteration of a past connected to the natural elements. They are also the mental representations of a post-human future, immersed in autonomous algorithms,... [Read more]

    • Psych.e - 36 degrés & Galerie Charlot

    • Exhibition at 36 degrés and Galerie Charlot, June 6 – 18

      36 degrees and Galerie Charlot imagine a new exhibition experience inspired by mystical themes, spiritualism and various realities. In a unique space opposite the Grand Palais, we will bring about encounters with the public, technology, science and spirituality through numerous works and workshops. Psych.e offers a contrasting environment, housed in two former Haussmannian apartments where the very cause of our contemporary disconnection – technology – serves as a portal to a universe of new discoveries and spiritual awakening. Creating a new space for self-discovery and exploration of awakened practices, Psych.e is a flexible space bringing workshops and performances to life, breaking white-cube norms of scenography, programming and behavior. Psych.e imagines an alternative that shakes up the codes of our relationship to art, by offering artistic and human experiences to live. [Read more]

    • Southern Winter Exhibitions 2023 - Hangars Numériques

    • Southern Winter Exhibitions 2023 at Hangars Numériques, May 16 – 21 then August 1 – 15

      From May 16 to 21, 2023, the research center for animated Dance / Hangars Numériques is exhibiting an innovative work by Adrien M. & Clair B., an augmented pop-up book. Looking at them through a tablet, the ten double-pages of the book Acqua Alta – The crossing of the mirror become small theaters, where a dance form unfolds thanks to the custom-developed application. Folded white papers and ink drawings meet in a graphic drawing and the simplicity of black and white, the artificial life of miniature beings dancing in a world imbued with the imagination of water.

      The art center also hosts the work of Yung Chung Han, Plastic Landscape – The Reversible world, which sensitizes the viewer in a dreamlike way on plastic pollution with a 3D animated video design, generated by AI. His work parallels the history of Korea.

      Finally, in August, Vegetal/digital, by australian artist Alison Bennett invites the viewer to experience the embodied harmony between plant and digital. The interactive design of the work encourages the viewer to slow down and tune in ... [Read more]

    • Symbiosis - Galerie Abstract Project

    • Exhibition. Galerie Abstract Project, May 16 – 27

      Through their interactive installation Empreintes Sonores, artists Jean-Philippe Coté and Victor Drouin freeze sound in space. Here, it is up to the viewer to explore the granularity of the audio content through his or her movements in the gallery space. In this way, the artists attempt to free sound from its a priori ephemeral nature, allowing it to dissolve, step by step, into the ambient sound context.

      At the same time, the gallery brings together the experiments carried out by some thirty artists equipped with “A.I.” applications. ABSTRACT PROJECT is an evolving project, a work in progress led by artists who are members of the Réalités Nouvelles committee.

      The Abstract Project Gallery is pleased to welcome Jean-Philippe Côté and Victor Drouin-Trempe, selected after the ISEA2023 call for projects, 28th International Symposium on Electronic Art and authors of the interactive installation Footprints.

      At the same time, around thirty artists from the Réalités Nouvelles network show their experiments “in symbiosis” with tools equipped with artificial intelligence. F... [Read more]

    • Symbiosis and Humanity(s) - House Of Human Sciences - ISEA Artist

    • Exhibition, MSH Paris Nord, May 17- 27

      As part of ISEA2023, a major event on the world stage of electronic creation, two project leaders from MSH Paris Nord present their research.

      In dialogue with the sciences, experimental creation broadens our knowledge of the world. The MSH Paris Nord welcomes works that give us the opportunity to see and hear new relationships between humans and non-humans, and that question our understanding of our own identity as an autonomous species. [Read more]

    • Symbiosis and Humanity(s) - House Of Human Sciences - Other Artist

      Symbiotic Rituals - AI, Kombucha, and Cyberfeminism - L'École des Arts Décoratifs

    • École des Arts Décoratifs, May 16 – 21

      Juried artworks

      On the occasion of the ISEA2023 Symposium ‘Symbiosis’ that it co-organizes, École des Arts Décoratifs hosts an exhibition.

      Aiming to think simultaneously about spirituality, technology and living together, the exhibition is made of contemplative installations in different modalities, from interactivity to meditation.

      The Altars for Cosmic Talismans by Lucile Olympe Haute compose a space of recollection of the different facets of the same life form. The staged discs can be approached as material experiments, waste from a drink production or ritual objects. They invite us to question what we believe in, our collective values and their influence on our relationship to the world, the ways we collaborate with, care for, cultivate or exploit other living things.

      The installation-play Spectral Plain by Guillemette Legrand and Vincent Thornhill proposes to immerse oneself in a world that has undergone a geomagnetic reversal, in search of a new energy alignment. The journey ends around a campfire, around which the representation of a multi-species energy network i... [Read more]

    • The Strange Microcosmic Laboratory of the Oumpalous - Le Cube Garges - ISEA Artists

    • Exhibition. Le Cube Garges, April 27 – May 18

      With ISEA2023 selected artists: Robin Baumgarten, Alison Bennett (artists collective), Yosra Mojtahedi, Anne Marie Maes & Florian Sumi

      Once upon a time, in a world devastated by a great cataclysm, there will be the Oumpalous tribe. Together they will learn from the mistakes of the past world. Together, they will create a new world.”

      What will tomorrow’s world look like? For centuries, societies have been trying to give an answer to this question and to project themselves into the future, so near and so far. We may develop theories of futurology or run the statistical prediction tools, but facing time, imagination is the best entrance into the future. In a few decades, today’s children will be enacting their visions of the future based on their current imaginations.

      The exhibition L’étrange labo microcosmique des Oumpalous is intended to be a time capsule putting into shape the imaginations and questions shared by the international artists selected in the framework of ISEA2023 and young people from Garges-lès-Gonesse accompanied by a worksh... [Read more]

    • The Strange Microcosmic Laboratory of the Oumpalous - Le Cube Garges - Other Artists

    Satellite Art Exhibitions:

    • 3.5 - Musées de Soissons

      Dernière minute - Théâtre-Sénart

      Expired Reality - Galerie Suzanne Tarasieve

      Immaterial Display - Forum des Images

      ISEA X ELEKTRA Focus Québec: Symbiosis – Forum des Images

    • Exhibition. Forum des Images, May 16 – 21

      As a recognized actor in the field of digital creation, Québec participates in the dissemination of contemporary digital art internationally. On the occasion of this worldwide meeting around creation and research ISEA2023 Paris, ELEKTRA presents the Focus Québec event dedicated to a selection of works by Québec artists of international scope.

      ELEKTRA proposes to take a first look at the digital creation from Québec with an exhibition in the Forum des Images. A dozen artists will exhibit recent works on current issues such as artificial intelligence, the place of nature in our increasingly technological society, robotics and interactivity.

      Moreover, you are invited to live this human/machine symbiosis by participating in the extraordinary robotic performance, Inferno, at the Cube Garges. Presented in its maximum version with 18 exoskeletons, Inferno will give you a rare symbiotic moment, which you will remember for the rest of your life. [Read more]

    • Micro-Folie at ISEA2023

    • Exhibition. Forum des Images, May 16 – 17

      ISEA2023 and the Cube Garges have partnered with the Micro-Folie network. In a logic of decentralization and democratization of culture, this project led by the French Ministry of Culture is open to local authorities and networks of the French Institute all over the world and offers access to a digital museum.

      Thus, a Micro-Madness will be accessible to ISEA audiences throughout the Symposium, and the Cube Garges has been invited to curate a collection of digital arts, integrating artists from the ISEA2023 selection (including Mentalista, Félicie d’Estienne d’Orves,, XP unit, Franck Vigroux & Antoine Schmitt, as well as adrien m & claire b).

      In addition, the Micro-Folie network will be a key partner in the distribution of the augmented catalog, allowing, in the long term, many audiences to discover the works selected for ISEA2023.

      Selected ISEA2023 artists: Mentalista, Félicie d’Estienne d’Orves,, XP unit, Franck Vigroux & Antoine Schmitt, as well as adrien m & claire b

      A micro–folie is a cultural space organised around 3 units: a d... [Read more]

    • Symbiosis, artport x ISEA2023

    • Exhibition. Forum des Images, May 16 – 21

      The ISEA International Symposium and the Whitney Museum of American Art’s artport website, an online gallery space for commissions of net art, have teamed up for the 28th edition of the symposium in Paris. In line with the overall theme of the event, “Symbiosis”, four original works commissioned for artport by the Whitney Museum between 2021 and 2023 will be presented to ISEA2023 participants from May 16 to 21, 2023, at the Forum des images in Paris.

      The installation features Auriea Harvey’s computerized cosmology SITE1; Mimi Ọnụọha’s interactive archival video work about big agriculture; an AI curating Biennials by UBERMORGEN, Leonardo Impett and Joasia Krysa; and a transmedia story by Rachel Rossin about the increasing fusion of humans and technology. These projects — ranging from critical thinking about the structures that support our society to the creation of new mythologies carrying our relationship to the world — offer an offbeat look at the idea of Symbiosis.

      Whitney Museum artport is a  portal to Internet art and an online gallery space for commission... [Read more]

    • Symbiosium Cosmogonies Spéculatives - Fiminco Foundation

    • Exhibition, Performances, Podcast, Interventions. La Chaufferie – Fiminco Foundation, March 18 – May 6
      From March 18 to May 6, 2023, the Fiminco Foundation invites the Center Wallonie-Bruxelles , currently closed for renovation, to invest its spaces as part of its Trouble-Fête Season #Cosmogonies Speculatives with the Symbiosium project, whose heart is an exhibition collective centered around the issues of symbiosis, interactions between organisms and the emergence of new stories about our time.

      Added to this Manifesto collective exhibition is a program of performances, conferences, screenings of artists’ films, workshops, meetings or visits bringing together artists, thinkers, creators gathered around artistic approaches that probe the question of the living, of its irreducible temporality, the question of the structuring of reality and the stories that virtualize it.

      The exhibition is designed as a living territory to be experimented with, thanks to which more than ten new works will be created and, for some, just for the duration of the exhibition. A real laboratory of creation and ideas offered to all audiences for 7 unprecedented, evolving, ... [Read more]

      Synaptique - Centre des arts d’Enghien-les-Bains

      Terre Celeste - Galerie Charlot

      The Pioneers of Digital Art in the 1960’s-1970’s - RCM Galerie

    • Exhibition. RCM Galerie, Paris, May 2 – June 2

      The RCM Galerie is proud to present The Pioneers of Digital Art in the 1960’s-1970’s, a group exhibition of seminal works by the early generation of artists working with computers, and encouraged to publish their work in the manner of scientists in the Leonardo journal, founded in 1968 by Frank Malina.

      Presenting works in a variety of media, including painting, photography, sculpture, collage, and computer-generated prints, the exhibition is intended as a small homage to the avant-garde artists who worked with computers. Some artists built their own circuits, others wrote their own programs or collaborated with scientists, but more often they fought for access to a computer. They also wished the artist to become a social actor in his own right, able to interact with scientists. The undeniable interest in manipulating such instruments was undoubtedly to dissociate artistic practice from the manual arts. Drawings were no longer made by hand, but with the computer. Art became fully conceptual and less the romantic expression of a marginal artist. They relied on the thinking of Max Bense and Abraham Mol... [Read more]

      U.S.B. #5 . Fenêtre(s) sur cours - ESAD Orléans Exhibition

    • Exhibition. St-Pierre-le-Puellier collegiate church and ÉSAD Orléans gallery, Orleans. March 30 – May 28, 2023

      Architectures and landscapes through the prism of virtual realities, augmented realities, artificial intelligence, video games, metaverse, NFT cultures… An exhibition by ÉSAD Orléans and the Department of Culture of the Town Hall of Orléans. An ISEA2023 labeled event

      The Earth is heating up. The windows open. It is often in times of crisis that art opens new windows, like so many points of view on the world, nourishing small or large stories. Our windows today are said to be “virtual”. Are the architectures and landscapes they reveal unreal? Are they only of the order of fiction, of dreams, like a projection of our fantasies, our delusions or our intimate or social anxieties? Or do they bear witness to our way of inhabiting the world? Or even the way we give it shape by our machines to record the real, precisely?

      Virtual realities, augmented realities, artificial intelligences, video games, metaverses, NFT cultures… populate the USB #5 exhibition · Window(s) on course . Inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s film, Rear Wi... [Read more]

    • We are Lichen - Sorbonne Art Gallery

    Concerts & Performances:


    • Galerie Sator

      ISEA2023 Projections

    • Screenings, Le Cube Garges. On 15 May 2023 at 5pm and 18 May 2023 at 5pm.

      Le Cube Garges presents a cycle of screenings exploring different perspectives on the concept of symbiosis. This programme invites you to discuss the possibilities and limits of technology, the relationship between humans and machines and the future of our society and environment. Three creations by ISEA2023 laureates will be presented at Cube Garges Écran.

      Democratopia. A speculative future scenario of Data-Driven AI-Supported Direct Democracy by Lina Dovydėnaitė presents a speculative scenario of direct democracy where artificial intelligence is harnessed to serve the community. The film invites us to reflect on the possibilities and limits of data-driven democracy.

      The selection of videos from’s Post Growth Toolkit project will challenge dominant narratives of growth and progress and explore speculative models of environmental accounting at the limits of the quantifiable.

      With the creation Let Me Fix You, directed by Dasha Ilina, explores the relationship between humans and robots in the context of care work. The film highlights the ir... [Read more]

    • Le Chant des Forêts - MAIF Social Club

      Le Sample

      Other Animations